Hello dried orange peels! This is an update from Marc Bell Dept. Some people might have imagined that Mr. Bell had given up and opened a very successful pastry or cosmetics shoppe. Or slowed down to a snail’s pace. To that we say: no dice, sorry! It couldn’t be further from the truth. Have a look: we have added some new cultural artifacts to the shop. And as you will see and hear Bell has expanded the barriers of his work into the realm of sound as a vocalist (also see: gargling which is a verb) with his participation in the brand new vinyl long player Marmalade Duplex Play The Tuna Olive Village. The new booklet Boutique Mag #4 (co-published with Neoglyphic Media) is something in it’s own right for sure but it also contains text that inspired some of the lyrics for said LP.

Also, we are sad to say that the SALE on art in the webshop is over. It was on for over a year (or two years maybe) so I suppose you had your chance. Too bad for you I guess. Cry me a river of salt my friend. We will always be your dear friend. We have reset the prices to a new normal to reflect the new normal of the universe.

An exhibition of art is also in the works. Shoe Reviews Online And Other Replacement Works will open this September at Massey Books in Vancouver, BC. This exhibition will be a companion presentation to his new book Banal Complications (from kus!). And look for a new single from Marmalade Duplex in the near future, with two brand new tracks (this will be the third single from the Play The Tuna Olive Village LP).

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Big Bottles “One Hundred And Forty Eight Points” Sodowski
(intern at large)


Well, in case you are unaware, I have been running a Kickstarter campaign for WORN TUFF ELBOW #2. This is the follow up to the first issue that appeared in 2004. You can see the cover above, I resisted the urge to add Christmas hats to the occupants in the design; maybe later. The Kickstarter has reached it’s modest goal of $4000 CAD. I didn’t take into account the high Canadian shipping rates tracking against the total but that is ok, it’s been a success and I am grateful for it. The book has just been sent to the printer.

And so: we have added a pre-order for the comic book here at the site. If you buy from here, you’ll be able to buy more than one copy, signed or unsigned, so please feel free to do so.

In other news, last week I completed a Cartoonist Diary at where you can read all about the trials and tribulations of running a Kickstarter campaign and attending an art residency at the same time. While at the residency I prepared work for and opened a show at Weird Things in Toronto. Some large scale “drawings” made on canvas with paint markers. In fact I am still at the residency and I am working on one more large piece (5′ by 5′).

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Marc Bell’s current ongoing periodical Boutique Mag hits the big 3.0 and returns with a new volume of printed texts and pictures: 18 SAUSAGES. Sub-divided into various thrilling sections, this new work contains conglomerations such as Petit Guide, Raw Sewage Science Fiction, A Meeting, and Obligatory Political Commentary. You will be delighted as you are baffled, “Today had seemed insane to him with the exception of beds, cinema! certainly that animated ‘daddy stinks’ in Paris.”

AND, WOW: two covers to choose from! Reasonably priced for today’s market at $8 USD.

In the Meadow We Can Build a Snowman

We at Marc Bell Dept would like to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays in this Yuletide season. Marc was digging around in his files once again at the Vaults© in Guelph, Ontario and came up with some more discounted winners for the shop. In the spirit of year-end generosity and sharing (and honouring the ongoing War With Paper) we are also offering a free limited edition high quality intaglio print with every purchase over $100 (intaglio printmaking emerged in Europe well after the woodcut print, with the earliest known surviving examples being undated designs for playing cards made in Germany, using drypoint technique, probably in the late 1430s).

Also friends, if you sign up for Marc Bell’s Patreon now to the tune of $3 or more we will mail you a complimentary copy of he and Roman Muradov’s fabulous Work Ethic #1, while supplies last. It is none of our business if you stick with the Patreon after you receive it but it would be great if you hung in there. The Patreon is mainly intended as a subscription service but you may also find some more Marc Bell related ramblings there!

In other news: Marc is working away at a pretty elaborate story for an important American anthology and is also assembling a new “old school” floppy-style comic book. More on that soon!

Welcome to Marc Bell Dept

I am proud to announce I finally have a website in 2017! To honour this occasion we at have organized a garage sale for you to nose through. This includes a careful selection of discounted drawings culled from the archives and gussied up to present to you here at seriously slashed prices. There are also signed publications and a large series of new, signed inkjet posters as well as other oddities. I’m also using this event to launch a patreon. Please have a look at the interesting patreon incentives which include a publication subscription service and your chance to earn cheapo original drawings created anew here at the Dept for pennies a day (well a little more than a quarter a day).

Marc Bell Dept would like to thank for their work in facilitating this new website.