In the Meadow We Can Build a Snowman

We at Marc Bell Dept would like to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays in this Yuletide season. Marc was digging around in his files once again at the Vaults© in Guelph, Ontario and came up with some more discounted winners for the shop. In the spirit of year-end generosity and sharing (and honouring the ongoing War With Paper) we are also offering a free limited edition high quality intaglio print with every purchase over $100 (intaglio printmaking emerged in Europe well after the woodcut print, with the earliest known surviving examples being undated designs for playing cards made in Germany, using drypoint technique, probably in the late 1430s).

Also friends, if you sign up for Marc Bell’s Patreon now to the tune of $3 or more we will mail you a complimentary copy of he and Roman Muradov’s fabulous Work Ethic #1, while supplies last. It is none of our business if you stick with the Patreon after you receive it but it would be great if you hung in there. The Patreon is mainly intended as a subscription service but you may also find some more Marc Bell related ramblings there!

In other news: Marc is working away at a pretty elaborate story for an important American anthology and is also assembling a new “old school” floppy-style comic book. More on that soon!