Hello dried orange peels! This is an update from Marc Bell Dept. Some people might have imagined that Mr. Bell had given up and opened a very successful pastry or cosmetics shoppe. Or slowed down to a snail’s pace. To that we say: no dice, sorry! It couldn’t be further from the truth. Have a look: we have added some new cultural artifacts to the shop. And as you will see and hear Bell has expanded the barriers of his work into the realm of sound as a vocalist (also see: gargling which is a verb) with his participation in the brand new vinyl long player Marmalade Duplex Play The Tuna Olive Village. The new booklet Boutique Mag #4 (co-published with Neoglyphic Media) is something in it’s own right for sure but it also contains text that inspired some of the lyrics for said LP.

Also, we are sad to say that the SALE on art in the webshop is over. It was on for over a year (or two years maybe) so I suppose you had your chance. Too bad for you I guess. Cry me a river of salt my friend. We will always be your dear friend. We have reset the prices to a new normal to reflect the new normal of the universe.

An exhibition of art is also in the works. Shoe Reviews Online And Other Replacement Works will open this September at Massey Books in Vancouver, BC. This exhibition will be a companion presentation to his new book Banal Complications (from kus!). And look for a new single from Marmalade Duplex in the near future, with two brand new tracks (this will be the third single from the Play The Tuna Olive Village LP).

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