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Babysitter – Babysitter

Babysitter – Babysitter

Vinyl, LP, Album

Psychic Handshake Recordings – PSY-020 (Canada), 2015

A1 Exploding Youth
A2 Hard Times
A3 Hippy in the City
A4 Neighbours Play the Worst Music
A5 Candy
A6 Both Sides How
B1 Silky Clouds
B2 Maintaining My Direction
B3 Cry Like An Eagle
B4 SoloSOHI (Psychedelic Shit)
B5 Envy

I was very excited to design an LP cover for Babysitter, a good rock and roll band from Canada. On the front cover are the titles from side A and the titles of the songs for side B are on the back. How ‘bout that, eh? This is their second LP. I like the label designs I made for this record. It was fun to do. Buy this!


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